Amphibious Excavation

We are pleased to introduce the Pacific Northwest’s first team of amphibious excavators.   With this machinery, giant leaps in wetland restoration productivity and safety have been attained.  Rolling the dice on sending a machine into a wetland on some form of matting material is now a thing of the past. Careful analysis of the available models of amphibious machinery in the world exposed a wide range of deficiencies in existing options.

Pacific Northwest wetlands and tidal estuaries revealed a need for significant improvements in modern designs and we custom fabricated an undercarriage for our Caterpillar 330DL specifically tailored to work efficiently and safely throughout our region.  To meet in water time tables and production requirements, we also purchased what we believe to be the best built off the shelf 200 class amphibious excavator system.

With these machines, we are able to access formerly isolated sites and safely operate without the use of any matting system.  Both machines are truely amphibious and can cross waterbodies to get to your job site. Production is phenomenal.  In a one week period, we have successfully excavated over 50,000 yards of material in an area inundated and influenced by tides. Mobility is impressive.

We can be to your site and working with our 200 class unit within a day and if your site requires mass excavation, the 330 can be there shortly there after. Affordability is noteworthy.  Small projects beholden to the cost of mobilization of a matting access road are now mobilized by a single low boy truck. Contact us with your wetland project.  We enjoy the challenge of designing and fabricating site specific implements and machines for working within watersheds.  From mass excavation to log jam construction from amphibious or traditional undercarriage machinery we have the experience and talent you need.