BCI Contracting is an owner operated company, controlled by three brothers committed to a high level of service and client satisfaction. Our success stems from a strong work ethic, high standards, and excellent communication with project managers and stakeholders.  Creative wetland construction problem solving is attained through experience and a willingness to work outside the box to find cost-effective solutions to compressed in water schedules and construction in the most challenging wetland environments.

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Newest amphibious excavator

2019 John Deere 160 long reach amphibious excavator Photos of it’s first project near Everett Washington, Mid Spencer Island Restoration for Snohomish County It has since been modified to clear invasive mangrove trees with a clearing grapple and masticator.

Partnering with American Pile Equipment

BCI fabricated two vibratory pile extractors designed to use BCI’s eccentric hammer to remove deteriorated piling that previously had to be cut or broken below the mud line. Now piling can be extracted with a near 100% retrieval rate, even if it is rotted at the mud...

Barnard Bridge Stabilization 2019

Diversion of the Middle Fork Willamette River and stabilization of the Barnard Bridge. Structural support of the bridge provided by professional ODOT engineering and maintenance team to make it safe for BCI to operate (big thank you to ODOT for making it safe!) Oregon...

Mill Creek Restoration Project


Kilchis River

Freeing The Calapooia

Excellence in Habitat Restoration and Amphibious Excavation

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